Monday, January 31, 2011

4 hours + 8 hours + 7.5 hours

Sitting in a class of hours and hours of lessons were just so torturing. I really felt so blur when it comes to the third day of continuous lesson. I have tried my best to concentrate in class. Unfortunately, my brain still preferred to stop functioning.

I doubt if I actually absorb all the 4 hours + 8 hours + 7.5 hours of lecture into my mind?! These are just not right. I know, I know, the seniors have done that too. I am partially willing to scarify my weekends. However, it is not just the matter of willing or not. It is whether my brain is alert or not.

I can tell that my last 7.5 hours of lessons were all in a mess. From time to time, I got myself lost some where else. Sometimes, I was listening, but I do not get it into my mind. Other times, I was like sleep sitting. My eyes were looking at my course notes, but my brain went some where else, roaming I guess…I was just not in it!!!

Now, the problem is that this is just a Taxation paper, yet I am already in a messy me. What happen when it comes to my Law paper?! I doubt if I could stay awake for the first 4 hours + 8 hours even…

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