Monday, January 31, 2011


Charmed is a nice television series I like very much. Charmed was created in 1998 by writer Constance M. Burge and was produced by Aaron Spelling and his Spelling Television company, with the show runny being writer-director Brad Kern.

Prue, Piper, Phoebe and, later, Paige, are the most powerful good witches. Being in the Halliwell family, they are destined to protect the innocent lives against evil beings, or rather known as demons and warlocks in the series.

In the non-supernatural community, they are just the normal women. However, they are the Charmed Ones in the magical world. Each sister is granted with a magical power along with the ability to cast spells and brew potions.

Prue, being the eldest, possesses the power of telekinesis which later evolved to being able to astral project. Piper, the second among the sisters, has the power to freeze people or object. With the proficiency she gained, she is able to freeze only certain thing people, object or even body parts as she wishes. Later, she also possesses the ability to blow things up. Phoebe, the youngest, is having the power of being able to get premonition, which evolves into the ability to receive visions from both the future and the past. Her power later grows to the power of empathy and levitation.

After all the fighting with the evil beings, unfortunately, Prue died later in Season 3. This is where Piper and Phoebe discovered the existence of their half sister, Paige Matthews. Being the daughter of her mother and the Whitelighter, she is given the form of telekinesis and could verbally call for objects to orb them where she wants them to. She later learns to orb herself and others, and eventually receives her own charges to train and protecting, so as developing to the ability to heal others.
Charmed, is the series about the life of the three sisters being a witch and a half Whitelighter-witch sister. Throughout the stories, you can see a lot of challenge that come to them. They are always the one to settle the problems no matter what are the circumstances. They are very brave and strong enough to deal with the tense situation from time to time. Apart from all these supernatural issues, they are also required to deal with the mortal’s issues, such as relationships, careers, marriage, illness and death of their loves ones.

These sisters are bond together, and their love for each other makes them shield from the evil. The Power of Three, the power that enhanced their magical powers, and is said to be most powerful ever power that is crave of by the Underworld.

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