Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Guess what?!

Oh well, I have been away from my computer for almost half day today. The weather outside was just so HOT!!! It's really headache-ing. I started to think whether it's lucky or unlucky that I met one of my old old classmate.
First thing I did after I got home was to go online fb-ing. Here comes the main point. I saw someone tagged me. It's from a friend, an old old classmate. The funny is that, he doubts whether he accidentally met me moment ago was a lucky or unlucky thing. 

I have had a small chat with him. He said I look girly. A big gap from what he expected and saw last time. He said last time I was like "no smile de face". Moment ago, when I met him, I greeted him and of course a smile. Was that really counted as girly?! Ohh...unbelievable!!!

The last time I met some other person, they said I'm cute but is it not adorable?! I don't know. I also have people describing me as strict and fierce and so on and so forth. Hahaha...this time girly is used as an adjective to describe me.

These really show that a person does change from time to time~

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