Friday, January 28, 2011


Here I am, sharing my new thoughts of life. Life is not just about study and work. There is also fun. Sometimes, we do need to slow down our footsteps, and take a look at the peaceful life around us.

Well, I have done so. After all these years of studying, I have been to a week of holidays. I have taken a quick but rather fruitful trip to some part of West Malaysia and Singapore. It was quite a long time I have not been for holidays, maybe more than 10 years?! I can’t really recall.

However, when I step back to these old places that I have been before, I just felt so refreshing. It reminds me of my childhood moment. Can you imagine? I have been living within Kuching for the past few years, doing nothing but study. Out of sudden, I felt that I have not de-stressed myself all this while. I was so lucky to pass through it and got myself  an advanced-diploma in Certified Accounting Technician.

The life when I am having fun is just so happy and relaxing. I could feel no stress just fun and excitement. Everyday, I have no worry neither on homework nor assignment. I really did not let my brain works. It was so nice that my brain can finally slow down its speed.

Now, here I am, back to my normal life, continue with my study life again. At the mean time, nothing really stressful visited me yet. I have rather free weekdays but busy and fully occupied weekends. Unfortunately, this life is going to continue for a year or two.

I believe I can make it!!! ^_^

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