Monday, January 31, 2011

~My Best Buddy~

I have known her since I was in primary. Honestly speaking, we have been in the same class since then. We have never been far apart from each other…

I enjoy my life being with her. It is a happy thing to have her in my childhood life till present. The only thing I was so sad was I only started be-friend her when I was in Primary 5. Why? You ask me why?!

Well, you know, we have our own friend from kindergarten. So, when we all combine in a class, there will be a lot of them. We would not be able to talk and mix around so quickly, especially if they already have their own existing group.

In Primary 5, we have already change class. The good ones go to the genius class. That is where we started to get close to each other. We sit like front and back. I remember that she was in front of me. Then, we started to talk sometimes. From time to time, we get along well. When we talk, we build our friendship chain. Automatically, we are friend then.

Ever since we become a best friend ever, we always stay together. From primary life, we went forward to secondary life. We were able to sit together, study together and outing together. Almost everything I did would never without her, so as my curricular activities too.

When our secondary life comes to an end, we could feel the gap between us. A big gap ahead that leaves us far apart. We would no longer be together in class. There are times I felt so lonely without her being around. Everything around me was just so anonymous.

Now that we have our own different column, but we still keep in touch. I enjoy listening to her stories. I enjoy giving her a helping hand. I like being out with her, going for a window shopping etc.

She has been in my life all this while. Almost every process of my life is not without her. Hey, are you my guardian angel?! I doubt that. She makes my life gets colourful and meaningful. Every time when I heard her voice, I would be very contented. She just has the power of making my day perfect. Undeniable, she is a very very very good friend!!!

Until today, I still remember the birthday card she designed for me. A birthday card decorated with the Disney cartoon – Winnie the Pooh. She even wrote a birthday song to me. It was the precious ever birthday gift I have ever received. Thank you, friend!!! You know who you are and I know you will read this…

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