Tuesday, February 8, 2011

5th Day

Back to study life as usual. It’s a hard day again!!!

5th day just reminded me of my last year’s 5th day. It was also the first day of college after a week of Chinese New Year break, and there was lion dance in the college. The difference here is our July intake no longer together as in the past year. We are just going east and west now.
A year could have changed everything. There are friends of mine who are working now, while some still studying; Some people have upgraded to a higher level, while some still crawling slowly in their petty pace towards a better future. I am one of them.
All of us have our own mission to complete. That is what I know! Nevertheless, watching the lion dance does remind me of the past. We friends, used to be together once in a class while watching all these actions happened.

Out of sudden, I felt that time passes very fast, like a blink away. Yesterday, once again I saw the lion dance in my college. I have taken a close look at it. It was just a finger away from me. I managed to touch it though. Hope the touch would bring me a better luck this year~

I also took some photo of it, a far view of course. It was very crowded. Everyone squeeze at the stairway just to watch the lion dance. I still prefer last year’s compare to this, as it did walk into our class. This year, the lions just walk past the classes and it did not actually dance.

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