Monday, February 28, 2011

Aim high!!!

Today is 28th of February. What did this date indicate to you?! 

For me, it simply means I am left with another three months to fight for before my final......I am currently fighting very hard for it!!! I spent almost 19 hours a day awake just to study. Unbelievable haa?! Tell you, I am the kind of person who needs at least 8 sleeping hours a day to stay fresh. However, now I have been sacrificing my sleeping time for my aim. Am I aiming too high?! No, I'm NOT!!!

Every buddy do I~~ I'm aiming for the best; I'm aiming for a better future; I'm aiming for what I aimed and I'm responsible for my aim! I'm not going to run away for it now, for I have thought of it and I have accepted it. That's what we call LIFE~

Life is full of challenge,
Life is full of choices;
I choose this road,
I will walk till the end.

Life is full of light,
Life is full of joy;
I walk on this way,
I will have the sight.

Life is long,
I have the time;
Life is hard,
I have the passion.

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