Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Life in CAT is terrible; 
Life in ACCA is horrible.
Stress in CAT is double the original; 
Stress in ACCA is triple double the original.

Time span to finish CAT is long; 
Time span to finish ACCA is extremely long.
Homework for CAT is in pile; 
Homework for ACCA is in piles.

Things to go through in CAT are millions; 
Things to go through in ACCA are billions.
Memory space for CAT is full; 
Memory space for ACCA is boom.

Knowledge for CAT is basic; 
Knowledge for ACCA is deep.
Common sense for CAT is as easy as ABC; 
Common sense for ACCA is as hard as 123.

3 hours are just enough for CAT; 
3 hours are not enough for ACCA.
4 papers in a semester for CAT is “sap-sap-sui”; 
3 papers in a semester for ACCA is “si-kin-liao”.

T5 in CAT is like climbing a cliff; 
F4 in ACCA is like digging a grave.
T7 in CAT is a bad dream; 
F5 in ACCA is a nightmare.

50% in CAT is a shame; 
50% in ACCA is a mess.
Fail in CAT is impossible; 
Fail in ACCA is possible.

Extreme in CAT is achievable; 
Pass in ACCA is harder.
Probability for finishing CAT on time is 80:20; 
Probability for finishing ACCA on time is 50:50.

Hardly agree to give up in CAT; 
Strongly agree to give up in ACCA.
Period in CAT is a training session; 
Period in ACCA is a practical session.

Classes from Monday to Friday for CAT are exhausting; 
Classes in blocks for ACCA are de-motivating.
Not well prepared for CAT? 
Better get equipped for ACCA~

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