Thursday, February 24, 2011

~Fact v Fact~

What’s more to fear of when talking about Law??? I am sure it is the dozens of fact that need to be memorise or remember…

I like facts, real life facts, but I do not like facts, Law facts!!! What is the different? Big different buddy~

Real facts in the past, help in writing essays; Law facts in the present, help in answering questions. Both are used to gain marks in examinations. Nonetheless, real facts are rather flexible to write as you like; But Law facts are not!

Furthermore, writing an essay of six to seven facts cost us 100% in the past. Now, answering a question of five to six Law facts cost us 5%. There is a big gap here! Can you see that?! It is so ridiculous.

Real facts come into my mind easily. However, I do not know why not the same with Law facts. Familiarities needed I guess……

Hmm… facing these Law assignments, I really speechless~ By the way, I hate flipping around. Why can’t she just categorize all the questions into topic by topic?!  Huh…… =_=|||

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