Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Getting lazier...

Early this morning, I have been in a sleepy state until now. Honestly, I admit that I am not paying full attention in class today. Yeah, I know I am not supposed to do so but I really cannot help that. My eyes just keep falling “down”.

Today’s lesson was very DRY, extremely DRY!!! I got to know more questions (challenging one and brain cracking one), that really freaked me out man~ I think I am gonna face trouble in my coming progress test. Imagination and common sense are just strictly needed here. Questions tend to jumbled up and need a lot of application to get to the answers. Oh my……

Later, we got into new chapter again. Believe it or not, now is only in the middle of February, but we are actually done with 60% of the syllabus. That sounds crazy huh?! I tell you this is the life of studying ACCA. We have been rushing all the way to success, fighting through all the circumstances for a better future and sacrificing all the time to reach our target.

Anyway, it is not so bad to get myself busy. Nevertheless, I need to speed up my brain for that. More rest is needed, but more capacity is required as well. Human brain, that is why I said cannot go too fast nor too slow either. Balancing in life that is what I need here~

Nevertheless, I am happy that I am free from scratching today. Okay, maybe a minor one... Wait, did I just cure my allergy slowly in a petty pace? I doubt that too. However, it is good to be free from scratching. Well, at least I did not waste my time for seeking medication.

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