Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Holiday Again

Chinese New Year is coming to an end soon. I almost miss my Chap Goh Mei’s dinner with my family. That day was initially my progress test 1. Somehow, my lecturer changed her mind.

When Chap Goh Mei comes to an end, that means horrible days is awaiting. I find myself without holidays after then. For instance, this year's Labour Day, I am going to be with one of my annoying fly in lecturer the whole day long……How sad is that to know that my holidays are going to be fully utilized for my lessons.

Nevertheless, I have been enjoying all my days off to the max. I manage to write my blog, watch some drama series, loitering and do some window shopping sometimes. It was quite fun though. I really enjoy that and I hope that time would not have passed so fast. Unfortunately, time flies.

The Chinese always said that: “一寸光阴,一寸金;寸金难买寸光阴。” It simply means that time is just like gold but gold cannot buy times. I know that ever since I was in primary school. However, it was just too hard to actually want me to sacrifice my holidays for my lessons.

Talking about my lessons, I was so annoyed by my lecturer though. She sounds so sarcastic to me. That reminds me of one of my ex-lecturer in CAT. She has the shadow of her. I really do not know what did we done wrong that she keeps on bugging us the whole block last weekends. I felt so angry about that.

Is there anything wrong to sit at the back in a class??? I do not thing so……there is always people who got to sit at the back of the class. You thought the class has endless space is it?! There is always a border within a class. We do not wish to sit at the back. Somehow, the front seats are always not available. Even though I have tried to go early to class just hoping to get a good nice seat, the front seat is still being occupied.

If she is talking about our seats then I would not have been so frustrated. The most unacceptable thing is that she said: “I want to ask for a higher chair from the CEO, so that I can see if those seating at the back is sleeping or not. You know, those sitting at the back would never sit to the front unless until they fail their test. Maybe next time, I should implement a rule asking students who fail their progress test to sit at the front too. Then, they would not have to wait until they fail their real exam only they sit in front.”  You see how bias is she?!

I do not think there should be such criticism from a lecturer just because of the students sitting at the back. We did not do anything wrong so far. No doubt, we did talk a little bit just to make us awake. Well, at least I am still listening. Maybe she is the one with problems…she taught in a fast speed, unclear explanation, talking craps sometimes~ I really find her talking rubbish most of the time. I cannot find any connection from her stories with the points in the book!!!

Oh well, I guess everyone would not be able to hide their “BEST” unknown attitude in front of me. I can always figure it out very fast. That is ME!!! I know that my habit is keeping me away from certain type of people. What can I do?! No one would ever like to be around with those oneself dislike~

Anyway, I have fully occupied my holiday with eating and playing today. I went breakfast with my family and get my medication for my allergy. The most important thing is I have been to shopping again. But, of course I bought something I need.


  1. Wow! pushpa become like tat oh? during my time she use to be so good u know. and i owes no do her assignment but nothing happens also. then after tat she likes to impose lots of homeworks and force ppl to pass up. and i know her teaching style change a lot.
    she still talks very fast right?? and she last time owes wont read finish wad she is suppose to read and just dai guo by using "and so wad and so for" i use to not understand wads she talking lei.

  2. my sis said she anti-guy especially those sitting at the back...but there'll always be some people sitting at the back wat~ duno why we come back late a bit she stare at us, other people come in late she do nothing. when we come back early, she comes back late =="
    she talk quite fast sometimes but i think she talk crap more than what she should teach. i heard a lot of rubbish during the lesson, so i get so boring and sleepy!!!