Saturday, February 26, 2011

"The Inner Fear"

Now, I really blur what to write for my Law questions. It was so horrible to actually spent hours sitting down there, flipping the books from this page to another, non-stop.

There are some direct questions and some case studies. Nonetheless, old past year’s questions are rather hard to answer. I really cannot answer a case study question of only 5%. The main reason is I don’t know whether what I am writing is right or wrong! I know all I am providing are answers, but I doubt whether a 5 marks question needs that much of answer?!?!

I really need a lot of spare hours and capacity to complete the full set of assignment before 3/3/2011……

Actually, I started to doubt and kind of freaking out already. I heard a lot of discouraging comments or advice, I shall say; I see a lot of unforeseeable circumstances ahead; I learnt the others failure; I feel the pressure……

I am now counting on the rare probability that I presume~ I am giving myself a big force ahead; Cutting my entertainment to the max; Driving myself down the pressure; Facing all the circumstances; Avoiding all the possibilities of failure could be made~ Most importantly, I found my way to release stress and a place to pour my thoughts on – My Serene World.


  1. get use to it. most important in exam is U HAVE TO WRITE! don care correct or wrong, write nia~ in exercise u can go think correct or wrong la.In acca paper ha, during real exam if u can finish any paper on time, that means u in "danger" liao, must be not writing enuf. i only ever do finish one paper which is F6 which to my shock is tat i nearly fail tat paper, 51 nia. write write write, the faster the better. LOL.

  2. yeah i'm writing non-stop for my assignment... doing all the unsure answers to see if i answer like that i can gain marks o not~ like this i can learn from my mistakes!
    obviously 3hrs can never finish a paper...i didnt even finish my f5 on time with a lot of doubt n empty space... :(