Tuesday, February 8, 2011

RaBbiT YeAr

The year of Rabbit is said to be the best year for Goat’s year people. Could that be real?! I doubt about it though, but of course I hope it is real……

Everyone, every article that I read, also give me a hope of good luck and success this year. Guess what?! I do really hope for the best in this Rabbit year. I hope I could get a really excellent result in all my semesters’ exam.

So far, I have been to two subjects which is rather not new anymore as I have been partly introduce to it in my CAT. It is quite fun though. Just that from time to time, I can feel the tense that is coming towards me. When time passes second by second, I could see June is moving closely to me now.
I am going to start my new subject which is a Law paper this weekend. That is the most frightening part for me. For me, anything that uses my mind to memorize is gonna be a disaster. My brain is just so bad in memorizing. Damn it!!! But still, I have to pass this test……there is no way to escape~

I really looking forward to my perfect future that I always wondered. Hoping for the best thing to happen… Well, I guess that is what people always hope for~ Who is going to hope for the bad ones?!

Nevertheless, sometimes I would still spare a thought for the bad things to happen. Nothing is gonna be perfect in this world. You can’t stop the bad things to happen, and you can’t create all the good ones either. There is always bad and good, neutral. That is so called life I guess!!!

However, I really appreciate the year of Tiger which create such a nice beginning of Rabbit year for me. I have met a lot of new friends that enlarge my social cycle. With that, I manage to gain new friendship. They ask me out and visiting. All the best part happens around me are just so exciting. Now, that is the normal life and I do really enjoy it. Next time, I should really remind myself to take a photo with them all~ It is so worth taking a photo or two with them as a memory.

A nice beginning of Rabbit year!!! I like rabbit, so I like this year too~ I hope everyone enjoy this year to the max…

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