Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine’s Day

What to do on Valentine’s Day?!

Oh well, it’s a day full of couples. So, I guess it’s just not a day for the singles. However, it does not mean that no outing for the singles. Somehow, we could still have a date with our best buddy or maybe just some gang of friends or just sit back and enjoy the life of being single……

Valentine’s Day is a very meaningful day for the lovers. It’s a day for them to celebrate their "lover’s anniversary". Therefore, you are just gonna see sweet couples on the road, café, lounge or even cinema and shopping malls. P.s. If you do not like to see these scenes, just keep yourself in house.

Some people enjoy giving some chocolates, cakes and flowers on this memorable day; Some enjoy eating out and having a memorable date; While some like to be more creative and special by having some unique kind of way to celebrate, i.e. baking cakes, preparing candle night dinner and etc. It is a nice idea actually. Sweet action just to make the day more special, exciting and romantic~

There is no right or wrong in the ways of celebrating Valentine’s Day as soon as the couples are happy with it. That is what I think!

Best wishes for all the couples around though. It’s their faith for being able to be together again during this Valentine’s Day. Hey, come on!!! It’s a day to celebrate~ Those without a partner, go get it yourself. Find yourself a perfect match, but no hurry! Enjoy the life of being single while you are single.

I really hope that all my single friends could find their true, faithful partner. Wish all their love would be appreciate, and may all the Valentine’s Days to come bring to them the loving thoughts and good wishes that will bring them happiness!!!

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