Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Everyone have their own emotional session. Everyday, we put on an expression. Maybe sometimes more than one. How do we know what to put on everyday?! Well, when we are happy we put on a happy emoticon; When we are sad, we put on the sad look. How about when we are moody? Of course, we put on the moody expression~ Nevertheless, does everyone know what kind of expression you put on now?

I bet not all of the people surrounding you would know!!! Human sometimes lack of the caring mode. They could hardly realise what you feel at that moment. Everyone can see happiness; so do sadness. But, could everyone see the actual happiness and sadness that one is expressing??? 

People might look what they look, but people might hide what they look. Now, what did that mean?! Sometimes, one might not express the real self to you. They might choose to express the fake emotion to you. That's why we have to be more alert with the people around us. We ought to show our care to them and try to understand them.

Human are born with feelings. The warmness of the heart would tell us what we see and we feel. Thus, be more sensitive to one's feeling. It helps to close the gap between each other. Knowing one better, help you too!!!

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