Tuesday, March 22, 2011

fElt soOO LoST~

Getting bored sitting at home, doing the same old thing~ I'm the kind of person who needs excitement in life. Boring life just don't suit me...

I tried to search around youtube  for some new stuff, but I don't know what I wanted to search for though. I looked for Dream High, I searched BigBang etc. What else should I look for??? I also don't know~

I have been very lost lately, I guess...I asked myself "What did I want actually?", but the answer turned up to be "I don't know either.". How sad was that, especially when one don't know what they actually wanted?! I'm so lost, very very lost!!! Someone come save me please...!!!

I was thinking maybe I'll just have some rest and nap...I suppose I'm just too moody lately~ Either I'm frustrated upon something or I'm just being lazy!!!

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