Thursday, March 31, 2011

Haaappyyyy~~ :D

To a little new born nephew!!! 
It's a happy Thursday, worth a celebration. *Weee...*

Guess I'll not be the only one celebrating this happy Thursday today, especially the elders in my family hahahaa!!! Wow, it's really worth waiting for such a long period for a little baby to come to us. OMG, am I over excited?! Hehe...doubt what will the others feel?!?! I know my mom is very happy. Now, I shall see how my dad will react to this good news then, and my overseas aunt~
Anyway, though I'm going to be upgraded starting from today, but I'm still very happy. Glad that he come to our family. I shall pamper him very, very much. *Muacks*  >.<


  1. Haha, congratulation! u become 姨姨 le! Congratulation!!!

  2. Didn't manage to see him yet...*SIGHHH* My parents go also don't wait for me~~ =_=