Sunday, March 13, 2011

A hEcTIc dREaM; a BAD NitE sLeEP!!!

I wanted to start my day with Law, but somehow I was so reluctant to do that after a repetition of same Law dreams last night.

In the dream, I kept recalling the past assignment that I had done. It serves as a good revision though. Nevertheless, I found myself very hectic with it. I can’t even have a good night sleep. Not even a nap!!! That was the most horrible experience I’m having here, after all these while.

I used to have dreams on my revision in the past, especially when I'm trying very hard to remind myself of the topics I've studied. However, it only happened because I was so into it and next day is actually a real exam day. 

Yesterday, I was just roughly looked through the book on Agency Law. I don’t even have the intention to memorise it. Yet, I have been dreaming non-stop of the Law. Bits and pieces of the Law are killing. Most importantly, it wasn't related to what I've studied before I went to bed! It seems to be so real to me!!! I can feel the pressure when I'm recalling the sections in my dream~

The moment I close my eyes, I see sections. I dreamed of “offer”, “acceptance” and “consideration”…… In the dream, I kept recalling the Law. In fact, I actually force myself very hard to recall the sections of the topic I dreamed of too. What a nightmare…?!?! I really can’t sleep~ @o@ I can’t stand that!!!

I think I’m gonna go crazy within the next few days~

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