Sunday, March 6, 2011

~♥ Hoping a 48-hour day ♥~

I would like to slow down my footsteps. However, it’s just so impossible. Everything just keep coming non-stop day by day…… Huh, incoming!!!

How I wish to have a 48-hour day, instead of 24-hour day. Then, I shall be able to fully utilize my day better. Maybe a limit of 24 hours’ study time, 6 hours of relax/refreshing time, 6 hours of playing/chatting time, 4 hours of exercise & 8 hours of sleeping time.

Wow, I really used up a lot of time! A 48-hour day is just so limited for me either. Talking about exercise, how long did I actually not exercise??? Oops…I am not sure too~ LOL ^o^

Anyway, I would still prefer a 48-hour day, if it really does exist. I always have the feeling of running out of time. Don’t know why! It could be the tiring schedule, and the unlimited pressure from either subject lecturer or CEO.

“When one did a bad example, the other suffers.” This phrase does apply in my situation now. I do not really think XX is not being bias here. In fact, it is too obvious, in my opinion! When you are having non-stop complaining and criticism from XX, it is just so de-motivating. What you felt of is anger!!! Thus, do you bother to even slow down your speed?!

Undesirable result is not expected from us anymore. Once fail, you are given a second chance. When second chance is undesirable, you are barred.

Every lesson comes with an assignment. It is a must to pass up. Otherwise, you will be “happy” to receive call from CEO.

Huuuhhh……I have never stayed up late so often, ever since I left secondary school. When people aged, it is a hard thing to sleep late and wake up early. You’ll get headache and all sorts of problems. What to say to sleep for 3- 4 hours per day only. That is the torturing part here~

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  1. Having a pressured life?! Get more rest...staying up late won't make any difference~ You're just gonna make your life more miserable!