Monday, March 14, 2011


If the world were to come to an end by 17th April, 2011, then there will be no more examination to sit for. When there is no more examination to sit for, that means no more memorising business to do. If there is no more memorising business, it simply means that no more human in the world!!!

If the world were to come to an end slowly in a petty pace, then we are going to witness more death in the coming future. When there is death occurs, there would be human lossing their loves one or lossing their home, their shelter. If human were to suffer in such a way, it is better to end it faster!!!

If the world is going to be a mess in the near future, what will happen to the next generation? Are they going to live in these terrifying world till the end of their life? Would they be able to live peacefully than us before? How many times are they going to suffer from losses and get horrified either day or night?

If it's a way of punishment to the evil, then please let go of the innocent ones...... If it's a test to human, then please don't give human such a difficult task...... Human can live no more in these tears dropping environment nor the fear that they are experiencing~

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