Thursday, March 17, 2011

The moderate speed of life!!!

When you'll actually find yourself at the most moderate speed in life??? It's when I'm in the situation of a lawful lesson~  I'm so in a mess when it comes to law...and that reminds me of history...I've tried my best to memorise or rather understand it at the end~ Somehow, I'm leave with frustration. I live in a desperate life because of LAW!!! I'm used with common sense life, but law, SOOOORRYYYY...........

Memorising business is a never in my life, since primary I think?! I remembered that my teacher always don't allowed me to memorise an essay, when in fact, all the others are memorising it. You know what the teacher told me??? She told me:"You know how to write your own essay. Please don't memorise what I have told the others to. You are allowed to write on your own. So, I want you to try to produce me a good piece of essay from the time set as others."  

During those days, I've not been memorising anything. Instead, I'm very happy to be able to write spontaneously as I like. That's why I'm grown up to be good in my essay. I never face any problems in writing essay. Thus, I never like what others said:"Chinese school student only know how to memorise." It's so not fair to me......

Now, I would really shout out loud that "I'm willing to die for law!!!"  Guess you must be thinking why on earth I would die for law?!?! 

Well, dying for law is because I know myself thoroughly. I wouldn't be able to survive in the law forever or eternally... If I die because of law, I'm fully satisfied. No regret at all!

Yeah, weirdo I am! People willing to die for the loves one but I'm willing to die for the most hate ones too~ I.e. LAW!!! It serves no regret, really. You see, I know it's not good to stay awake till late at night. Nevertheless, what did I do last night? Just because of the law exam, I've stayed awake till 2 o'clock in the morning. Yet, I'm awake again at 6 o'clock~ That was so, so, so killing action to my health  =.=||| You see how willing am I to die for law now???

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