Thursday, March 24, 2011

My Day......

From today onwards, I’m going to have a miserable life…… I’m having cancellation of classes for this whole week. Now, I’ve heard from my friend AGAIN about the cancellation for Monday’s class too.  Erhhmm…, I’m so unhappy about that though because…I want my notes back!!!

Okay, that was not the main point here. But I’m still so interested to continue about that topic~ Yesterday, I’ve made a big step ahead. I posted on my college’s discussion topic about my dissatisfaction on their services provided to me so far which is true in fact…let see what they answered me~

Oh well, the person in charge said that they’ll normally inform every student!!! SEEEE……!!! I already said they are discriminating me~ Still dare to tell me he/she’ll respond to the management…cheat small kid arrgh?! I’m not that stupid lo… :P I replied and said if no improvement next time, you’ll wait and see nia~

Now, let us get back to the main topic here. I’ve a VIP in the house. Ohh, damn annoying!!! Talking non-stop, very loud too!!! I’ve to control every speech of mine, so as my attitude. Actually, not all the time though. I’m trying to show the real me nowadays. I said what I think is correct, I did what I think I wanted to~

Today, I’m asked to accompany my sister here and there. I was damn tired and sleepy. What to do?! I’ve no choice but to accompany her, just for her own good, so as to me though. At least, I wouldn’t feel guilty if anything goes wrong.

As a result for the busy day, I missed my entertainment but I gain some time to study my tax and law. Oh my god, I found myself having nothing about law in mind anymore. One week just passed man…how could I???

New aim for the week – learn my law. Well, at least stuck something useful into my empty mind lolx =.=|||

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