Sunday, March 27, 2011

My Last March'11 Sunday~

Just came back from a friends gathering~ Not bad though, having a nice chat and sharing session once in a while. I missed my friends a lot. They always have some funny experience or jokes to share with.

I was awakened early this morning for some "chinese cemetery" thingy~ I'm quite reluctant and lazy now. Nevertheless, I'm very willing to gather around with my friends. I enjoy being together with my friends. They are my secondary's classmates. It's such a good news to know that we could still maintain these nice relationship after graduated from school. In fact, we are going east and west now!!!

Every sweet moment ends faster, so back to normal life again~ Hmm..., guess I need to spend more time on my studies again. I've been away from books for almost 1 week already...... That was terrible!!! I felt so bad for that~

Nonetheless, I'm so reluctant to study with my VIP around. I don't like people look at me when I'm studying. I don't even like people see me study!!! Hohoho!!! Bad habit I've had...What to do?!

Nevermind, I'll still do my revision. For my own good of course~ Hide some where to study, that's it! Guess that wouldn't help much...but, at least I've tried~

Huh...cheer up!!! No class again tomorrow~ I can wonder the long long replacement schedule that I'll be getting coming Wednesday morning...*SIGH*

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