Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Ohhh gosh!!!

Ohhh gosh!!! That was way too close man...I saw a snake at my backyard moment ago~ At first, I thought it was the stick or what because it's just so alike. When I look more carefully, I realised it's a SNAKE~~~ Luckily, I didn't step out of the door yet!!! Real lucky......

I think I'm gonna have a nightmare again. I never sleep well after meeting all these weird, scary things~ Sighhh...... =.= Hate it!!!

That's why I dislike my backyard very, very much!!! I've tried very hard not to go there all these while, except for today - for some reason of course~ Regret to go there though......Should have stick to my old rule, no backyard!!!

No more next time now!!! Another bad free day, huhhhh~~~ @_@


  1. This Pikachu is so damn cute. Omg, i miss Pikachu so much. Pika~ Pika~ Haha.

  2. *High five* I like Pikachu too~ Especially when it goes Pika...Pika!!! Hahaha :D