Tuesday, March 1, 2011


"Time is money." That's the word I have been listening on and on and on all these time!!! Money is valuable, so as time.

We use money to buy clothes. We use money to buy food. We also use money to buy fun and entertainment. Nevertheless, money cannot buy everything. Most importantly, money cannot buy TIME~ That's why money is said to be precious to us all.

Without time, we cannot have money. Without time, we can do nothing. Without time, we have no life. Without time, we are just nothing!!! Time is the element that gives us everything, anything in this world. It is just the matter of time for us to own it or to lost it.

What I know is, we have to run faster than time. If we don't act faster than time, then we are going to lost more things. Well, don't you think time in life is just like time in exam??? In exam, we have to finish on time. If we didn't manage to do that, then we are going to fail the exam. That's how time apply to our life as well.

People don't waste time. Time can be long, but time can also be short. Time is unpredictable element, and it is limited......

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