Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Bad headache out of sudden! I have been recopying all my assignment for not having an introduction to all the questions. The phrase "This question tests the candidates..." really make my day~ LOL >.< My hand is going to broke because of it argh!!!! 

Guess I have been sacrificing my nights for doing useless things...It's just so damn innocence to redo all the things after all the effort you've put in~   =_=|||

After I finish all these stupid thing, I need to continue on with my tomorrow subject's homework. DIE!!! Tonight, I'm going to stay awake late again. How sad was that?! Later, after everything is settled, I still need to study for my F6 Taxation's Progress Test.

Haaaiiii......!!!! *A big big sigh from me*  At least, that's what I feel like doing now!

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