Friday, March 25, 2011


Now, I really felt the justice!!! Today, I finally found out that Facebook does give me some benefit though. Well, at least it helps me to make my complain......woohooo~ I'm damn happy I finally manage to boom the management. They had given me a nice respond. I'm quite satisfied with it hahaha~ Victory on my side 1-0 ^^

However, I don't like them to go boom my friends for not informing me. What I mean was the past few times!!! Not this Wednesday and next Monday's cancellation~ Damn stupid people...just enjoy blaming people when got boom is it?! Oh well, that's human nature...boom again I'll boom you too!!! Don't ever try to bully my friends~I treasure my friendship a lot, a lot x1,000,000,000,000...

Justice always with the right person, only if, one grab it correctly :D 

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