Thursday, April 28, 2011

Am I Too Cruel?!

Will I be too cruel, if I'm the one who is suggesting for a gathering for my friend then at the end I can't attend?! Well, I have my own reasonable reason to support my absence there. Though I know it would be ridiculous, but it's the truth. I'm having classes on a Labour Day, for goodness sake!!! I'm not telling a lie here~ I guess I should be forgiven for that.

Oh, at least I did ask for a gathering in sincere as the main character asked for it. Since everyone is not giving a nice respond, I'm just boosting the spirit up......Rest assured that I'm not trying to find myself some unnecessary job to do. But, in actual fact, I do hope that I can join the gathering too. Unfortunately, my schedule totally can't fit into any of them. How sad~

Anyway, they are still in the process of discussion. So, I'll have to see what is the final decision then. Somehow, I'm quite sure about the answer already though! Hahaha......I'm very good at making assumptions.

Nevermind, I'm not that insulted by their decision! It's their freedom to pick and choose the most suitable time for the gathering. I can only either attend if free or absent if busy. From the two options I have, the probability for not attending is 90%.

As usual, I'm busy with my studies again, and as well as my assignments. Further, this week i have to deal with all m subjects revisions for the on coming mocks awaiting in a days time from now. Its in fact less than a week's time. Really no time for fun anymore.

I'm having a bad attitude towards my life currently. Not being serious enough?! I think so too~

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