Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Dramas fever~

Have been very crazy with drama lately. It's kind of a way to distress nowadays~

After a long week of examinations, I've found a time for some entertainment. However, I've been watching not only one drama at once, but three at once...... How's that possible?! It is possible!

I watched a few episode of “我的公主”、“爱在日月潭” & “爱情新呼吸”. These is just a small case for me though. I can actually remember all the stories I'm watching at the moment. Nevertheless, I'm more addicted to the story of “爱在日月潭” currently. It's a story full of conflict from the past generation bringing on to the next generation. It causes a lot of trouble to some innocent people in the story. Hmm...that really ignite my curiosity towards the ending of the story. I really can't wait to know the ending of it, but there is twenty more episodes I need to watch in order to get to the end. Pheww...that is a long way to go~

I've watched the first three episodes of “爱情新呼吸”. Currently, I'm not that nervous to get till the end. Haha...I've downloaded it actually!!! I can always watch it anytime in the future. Anyway, it's a nice story too. At least, I found some funny storyline and kind of ridiculous sometimes. Overall, it's worth watching. Should be able to excite my holidays.

As for “我的公主”, it's a story that looks kind of very troublesome to me as well. I've found some link to download it though. Haven't finish with that, but I'm very curious to know the ending too. Well, I guess it would be a happy ending as usual. Thus, I shall left it to the last. Maybe once in a while, I can watch it when I'm free.

Ohh my..., I find myself very addicted to drama lately. Somehow, I'm having a weekend classes again this weekend. So, I should find myself very loaded again at the end of the week~

Here gone my Good Friday this year!!! Fully occupied by my if I'm having an OT!!! Wakakakaa...just joking! At least, an OT comes with a reasonable pay~

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