Monday, April 11, 2011


Writing blog keeps my stress away. I can say what I like; I can write what I think. It’s simply fantastic to have blog!!! Until today, I’m not regretting to start my life with blog~

I enjoy writing blog as it’s a place where I pour out my problems. Well, I believe these days, the youngsters are loaded with stress. At least, this is what I felt now. I feel like having an invisible stress. It’s an inner stress coming deep from my brain, which in fact, affected my sleeping order.

Lately, I’ve been sleeping late. However, I did wake up late somehow, trying to compensate my sleeping time. Things are not working well as I’m getting tired and tired now and then. I could hardly concentrate in class, even preparing for my progress test. I’m kind of in the mode of laziness and de-motivated.

Days ago, I had my Taxation test. It was a disaster!!! I can’t even finish all the questions with satisfaction. I’m quite worry now~ I really don’t want to have it fail. Unfortunately, I have had a bad feeling about it L

Today, I have to boost up my brain with some junk food. I need to make myself alert and awake!!! I can’t let myself to be lazy continuously. I must at least score for tomorrow’s paper. That’s the only confident I have now~

Gambateh to myself!!!

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