Thursday, April 21, 2011

It's Good Friday's Eve~

Yesterday night's moonlight was amazing. It's round enough though it's not a full moon period. Someone told me maybe it's because of the Sun's birthday today!!! I'm not so sure about this celebration though~ Guess what?! It's the first time I got to know about it......

Today, I'm kind of lazy to wake up. I told myself to be awake by 8am the latest. Somehow, I end up to be awake at 9am. Hmm...bad example!!! Nevermind. After all, I wouldn't be able to have a good night sleep during the weekends. It's weekends classes again! Yeah.., I hate it!!! I couldn't deny it...

To be true, it is such a nice weather to sleep now. Cool and a bit windy~ How I wish I can sleep a little bit longer. Impossible though......I still need to get myself prepared for the class in the evening. Haa...anyway, just don't like to be in the class during weekends, especially when all the people around are having their nice holiday.

By the way, that's not all! I still need to free some space to slot in a time with my old classmates and maybe my ex-coursemate too. Ohh gosh..., how am I going to arrange my time for all at once?! Well, first come first serve basis, I'll go by the fate then. 

In my opinion, I still hope to give a chance to the one that I've met the least all this while. Honestly, she's been here twice this year but I didn't manage to meet her even once. Felt so sorry to her~ She must be very disappointed......Hopefully I wouldn't fail her this time~ Well, like I said, it all depends.

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