Saturday, April 2, 2011

Moody 2nd day of April :s

Haiz..., I warned the world not to fool me!!! Yet, I still got fool~ Hahaha...nevermind, I don't mind though. It's my honour to let people have a laughter. Honestly, it's my record to not get fool all these years. This year, it's really my 1st time and I got fool twice...lolx XD

That's what happen when I takes thing too seriously. Yesterday, I have learned a new lesson, that is, not to be too serious in life! Sometimes, there is a need to be relax and flexible~ Can I do that?! Guess it would be hard though...takes thing not too serious is just so not right~ Then, I 'll prefer to be careful next time during April Fool, like I've said, it's my honour to be fool :>

Okay, the end of April Fool. Now, it's the moody part~ Hmm..., guess what I've been in college the whole day yesterday, during the April Fool. I felt like being fool in the evening when I got my Law paper back!!! That's a big joke. I failed my LAW!!! I really get so moody until I really got distracted from my remaining lesson. I do concern about my following Progress Test now. It's way too near to my other subjects' Progress Test. Yet, I'm not ready for the test!!! I find myself very useless in this Law paper~ I'm in no way to improve for that...I can't memorise it into my mind!!! Dying, I think!!!

One more thing very parents went to visit my sister without me~ How could they??? I'm damn angry, you know?!?! I'm so looking forward to visit my sister and my nephew...OMG!!! That's really making me angry + moody now~ 

Don't know how long will that angry + moody mode will gone from me now...huhhh!!!! Why can't the world just leave me alone without any angry + moody feeling?!!?!! Why??? Why???? Why????

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