Tuesday, April 5, 2011

My Stress Level is 100%

I couldn't tell why I'm so impatient lately, not until I found out that my stress level has actually reaches 100%. I also so don't like the impatient me~ But I couldn't help it either. The only way to distress me is don't do things I don't like in front of me. I can tell you I can boom you to the max!!!

Nevertheless, some people is just so annoying till not only me couldn't stand. In fact, we are escaping from that person too. What to do?! When we disagree with certain act, we could just avoid or escape from it. Or else, fight with it?! No way~ That would be too direct...

I'm currently in the process of replacement classes and preparing for the continuous progress tests within a week time or two. Later, the block classes continues. Soon, the assignments due~ Huhh...I'm almost suffocated already!!! I could feel the water level has reached the bottleneck now.
Apart from that, I still have to make sure that I wouldn't fail my 2nd progress test again for my law. At the same time, I need to higher up my achievement for my another two subjects in order to grant the management's trust to continue the papers till the final. I'm stress, stress to the max!!! It's 100% stress now!!!

I'm speechless with my stress. I'm depressed with the de-motivating management for asking the student to defer every time the student fail for progress test. They should let them to continue, so that they would understand the feeling to fail in the final...it's in fact an alternative way to motivate them~

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