Sunday, April 24, 2011

Oh no!!!

Today, I was like "Oh no!!! It's too ridiculous." I have been having classes since Monday until Sunday evening this week. Though we were given a nice break times in between which is slightly longer compared to certain subjects, but I rather can't stand the pressure I have had. My lecturer has been reminding us to do revision, to do revision and to do revision......He reminded me of the limited time I'm having!!!

Whenever I thought of the final exam time which is really near now, I really start to panic till I actually kind of lost my way. Whenever I look into my calendar or schedule, I really want to faint. At first, it looks very fantastic in the beginning of the semester. However, it looks terrible in the middle of the semester. Recently, I find it looks horrible to me. All the extra, extra replacement time occupied by subjects and all the mocks coming in~

I originally having a packed schedule at the beginning of March. Today, I inserted another mock into my schedule. Oh my god!!! I can't stand that anymore. Out of sudden, I felt that I need more time, more than any extraordinary time that a genius would need......

I need to attend long hours classes for the continuous weeks starting this week. I need to deal with my coming weekends' assignments. I need to deal my heavy workload that my lecturer had given to us before mock. I need to study and revise my incoming week's mock. I need to prepare another two mocks for the mock after the first. I need to reschedule one of the mock, to put it earlier which mean I need to settle my revision earlier ahead.

I need, I need, I need......That is all I need to do within this short 3 weeks. I can really feel the burden of studying ACCA and the burden of choosing this route now~ Nevertheless, I'm not regretting for being able to plan my own future. Thus, I need to walk on brilliantly. Walk till the end of my route I've chosen earlier on!!! I have faith on myself~

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