Sunday, April 3, 2011


Here comes the end of my Saturday......

I've been in class for the whole afternoon till night. I was so energetic at first. Nevertheless, as the lecturer started to flip and jump here and there, I started to fly way to far from my book. I really do not like her "flipping and jumping" teaching method!!! Damn it!!! Oops...sorry for the harsh word here! I've to express my feeling now.

It's very cold in there. My brain was totally freeze~ This was because of a so called man in the class who is very lousy in differentiating what is serious, what is joke. When we asked for the remote, how dare he said don't want to give to us?! I was damn angry that time till now. Guess I wouldn't be able to stop cursing that stupid, idiotic guy. Better don't say yourself a guy!!! I'll "boo..." you to the max~~~

Just don't know what causing all these anger in me. I've been so moody and gets angry very easily these days. What happen??? I also don't know. Maybe, it's a mixture of pressure that I felt at the moment. I think I'll have to figure it out, and resolve my problems that is bothering me which eventually also affecting my emotion~

Oh well, end of my story and complaining. It's time to have a good short sleep. Sunday class is waiting for me at 8am...huh~ =.=

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