Monday, May 9, 2011


Hot, hot, hot.......!!!!

What is wrong with the weather here??? It's so hot these days. I can't even get a good night sleep lately. I've been rushing for my assignments until late at 1.30am. Sometimes, I also sleep at 3.30am just for the sake of a cooler air. 

OMG, I really need a nice, cool weather to study man. Can't stand the heat that I'm having around. I'm sweating badly. Not even a moment I can get away from the fan~ Blowing at high speed also serve no purpose at all!

Dear Sun, please lower down your heat on the Earth! I need some cool feeling now. Your heat is not only warming up the entire atmosphere, but it also hurting our skin. It was damn so painful when the sunlight falls on my hand today.

Cooler weather please...just for a few more days. Well, at least let me to finish my revision for mocks and my assignments peacefully~

1 comment:

  1. Just like in oven~~ Hot! Office fan and air cond on till max also no rasa. Wad weather is this??