Monday, May 23, 2011


Oh gosh! I've just noticed that I haven't updated my blog for almost a week.

Hmm...nothing much to say beside my messy college's management. Ohh~ They are messy now. Well, at least that's what I feel and see!!!

Lecturers are the main key element that attract the students to study. They are like the motivator. Once they all start gone,  I don't think there is any motivator there again.  Personally, I'm losing my trust on them already. I see no talented lecturers at the moment from my place itself. 

Even there is, would they get used to it?! They are still new to the subject. Some lecturer are not suitable with these packed working life the management is giving. It's the workload that they are facing, giving them pressure. Not to say them, even us as a student also can feel the stress that they are having. Rumours heard every where. Students, seniors, lecturers etc. They are all giving hints here and there~

I believe everyone know what is going on now. Just waiting for the time to come!!! So do I~ What can I do?! I can do nothing but to wait......

If I have a choice, I'll fly over else where to continue. Unfortunately, I don't have the choice. The only choice I have now is to slow down my speed once again. Crow in a petty pace towards the end......~

Maybe study and working at the same time is just what my destiny main to be. So, I'll have another sem of block classes which would be tiring for sure!!! The most important thing is, I can't even predict what my next sem's life would be. After these, guess all would be one step at a time...

We'll see how it goes by then. Hopefully, there is some changes that I'm expecting it to happen is in my favour. Huh...weeks to go to know!!!

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