Monday, May 2, 2011

Update needed ^^

Hmm...I think it's about time for some update here~ What shall I talk about today??? Ahhaa......

Lately, I've been very busy with my studies. I found myself having no time for music either. Nevertheless, this week longest weekend's block ever had enabled me to get a chance for some radio session.

Guess what?! I'm now loaded with most of the new songs or albums. Pheww~ Nice feeling I'm having here. It does make me feel a lot more relief, especially after these long hours classes ever in my life. Can you imagine the feeling for seeing the lecturer either from day till evening or afternoon till night?! Guess that won't happen to most of you, unless you are in the same college as me now.

That was a torturing life I'm having these days. Bad news is, I heard that more similar situations will come in the near future as people are resigning. Thus, student are suffering badly now. What a bad service!!! Booo......

Okay, back to my actual topic. No more studies discussion for today~ First of all, I would like to share with everyone this nice song named "金鱼的眼泪" by 纪佳松 in his 2nd new album by the name of "鱼人". Well, the reason I like this song is not because his "sifu" is Wilbur Pan but it's due to his style and his way of singing gives me the feel of Wilbur Pan. Overall, he is performing well. The song not bad to listen. At least, it's worth a listen ^^

Next, I would like to introduce another new album from Amei-张惠妹. Her latest new album by the name of 你再看我吗?produced a nice song which I like from the first time I heard of it, "都什么时候了". I've read some recent news of her new song's mv where people give some funny comment about her mv which I think is so ...... Okay, no more crap here. Lets listen to one of my favourite's new song.

Following that, I would like to share with all of you my another favourite singer or rather band for this — "飞儿乐团". Finally, they had released a new album after so long I've been waited. It was way too good to listen to their new production again!!! They always have this kind of special way of singing or producing a nice music which I enjoy the most. I like their style badly since secondary life till today. I've never change my mind for being crazy for their songs. I just like their style~ Here's one of their new song "让爱重生" from their new album named "亚特兰提斯".


Finally, I would like to introduce another old singer—黄义达. He's having some nice song here too. It's been so long I haven't heard of his song. Real long man...... Today, I accidentally clicked on his song named "微光". It's quite a nice song but makes me a bit mess up with FIR's new album which is also having a similar name in it.Here, lets enjoy the song.


That's all I'm gonna share for today :) Hope you guys enjoy~

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