Thursday, June 23, 2011

• * ¨`♥Day out with my friends♥¸. • * ¨ `

It was such a contented day yesterday. I've been to McD with my college friends. Though it was a last minute planning, we all enjoyed ourselves very well~

I've dropped by one of my college friend's sister-in-law office to accompany her a walk to riverside bus stop. Although it was a sunny day, we don't actually mind about it. All we know was to have fun!!! We did have fun. In fact, very crazily I should say......

We planned for bowling and a movie. Hence, we walked into McD first for a breakfast. Oh my..., i drank a cup of iced Milo for RM4.10 there. Unbelievable haa?! I didn't thought much about it that time. All I know was to have an iced drink to cold myself down after walking under the hot sun. Then, we have a chit-chat and some photo taking session. Someone was not being cooperative enough as he is not willing to take a nice photo with all of us.

Next, we walked all our way back to Parkson. We walked straight to LFS expecting for some nice movie we could have catch up with. Well, we planned to watch Super 8...and there is some available time we have had. We didn't bought any ticket, but instead we walked up to play bowling. Again, only two out of four of us were playing that. It was such a long time I haven't played bowling. 3 years?! Yeah, 3 years...too long!!! I really need to thanks my friends for asking me out. I was hoping to play bowling all this while, though I'm not good at it. I can be very sure after two game I played yesterday.

Finally, we changed our plan for K-Box instead. We really sing very crazily!!! Almost every song we picked, we sang~ That was really unsound mind!!! We sang while the workers passed by keep peeping into our room. Don't know why but WHO CARES?!?! We paid for the service, so we sang to the max!!! Yahoo...that was really cool man~

Really hope that we could go out more often to enjoy...I think I have never played till like this before. We actually played with the soft toys at Spring after the K-session too. So much fun we have had!!! The cute toys...omg!!! I so like it ♥~

Look forward for the next outing... ^_^

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