Tuesday, June 28, 2011


I thought I've totally let go of my last examination, but not until last night. I slept quite early as it's about to rain. I went to bed as usual, without stress or any further thoughts.

Just when I slept till the middle of the night, I started to dream. I'm aware that I'm dreaming. However, the dream looks very real. It was about my examination, my result I shall say. All the characters in there were very real. They have had their own pose, their own role and their very own style of speaking.

I dream myself getting my last examination result, and unfortunately I failed two out of three of the subject I had tested on. I don't dare to tell anyone else and so I just keep to myself. Later, someone asked me about it. I didn't answered straight away. Instead, I thought about the next lecturer time that is available in my college and also the possible time table for the next examination.

I can tell that I was so clear about what I'm dreaming about then. It was too real that I could hardly force myself to not believe in it. I find myself very uneasy to awake from the dream. I could feel the pain I'm having the moment I knew I failed my examination. I was trying to figure out the best solution to solve my problem. I thought about the lecturer, my new schedule, my examination time table, my parents opinion and even outsiders point of view. I really felt so bad about it!!!

After I woke up, I still have the feeling as if I really just got my result. I suddenly have the thought of I did fail my examination......and all those I dreamed of was in fact a truth!!!

It was too real to be true!!! Now, I started to worry~

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