Tuesday, June 7, 2011

hAppY biRtHdAy to ♥myself♥

Once again, I'm having a terrible exam on my one and only special day for the year~

Have not been updating my blog lately because of all these examination. Today, I really have had a bad, bad, terrible day......I never felt so bad after an exam. Not even in my last semester which I got to sit for an exam where I don't have full confident. That really spoiled my mood!!!

No one would blame me for that I guess, but I just felt so bad about it! In no mood of celebrating my special day at all......I've been showing a sad, moody and down face ever since the examination ended. I saw some people with confident coming out from the exam hall; I saw some people coming out from the exam hall with a suspicious look. The most irritating news to hear was when my friend told me someone was actually not being honest to themselves - copying in the real examination!!!!!! Arghhh....angry to the max~

Sometimes I just don't understand how come 老天无眼?! These kind of people are just so being lucky enough to pass the exam without being caught by the invigilator. Are they blind or what?!

Uughh..I don't know~ I really don't feel happy at all today...!!! Felt like everything don't go in the way I wanted it to. What on earth is happening now???

Headache..bad headache~ Nothing much to wish for; nothing I'm expecting to have too. Just a piece of yam cake to satisfy my special day!!! That really make my day for now...

To be honest, I don't really have the mood to celebrate! Felt like to have this day repeated again after a good night sleep. Then, I can make a better today....which I know is impossible~ I'm in big trouble I think!!!

Just to make a wish in my special day before it ends:" I wish everything would be in an orderly manner as I expected it to be!"

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