Saturday, June 11, 2011

Holiday trip~

Exam's not end yet, but I'm planning for a short holiday trip with my secondary classmates. I really so into holidays!!!

Well, of course, it would be nice if I manage to have a trip with my friends. It'll be a nice memory for all of us going east and west after this~ However, I doubt if all this planning works well in the end?! Hmm..., well you know, budget needed! We earn no money now. Cannot expect too much, but a cheap trip around Malaysia will do (for me only).

Somehow, my friends are more interested on a trip to overseas. It's a cheap trip undeniable. 9 days trip to Beijing, Shanghai and etc for RM1k+ to 2k is really good enough. Moreover, all included - food and accommodation, and also transport plus tour guide. I just can't imagine myself to actually spend a total of that much at a whole lump sum.

Guess, I would be the one disappointing them at the end......?! Oh well, as a future accountant, I need to budget. That's the life of an accountant though. Not necessary to save for myself, could be save for my parents. I wouldn't allow myself to spend as much as that just for the sake of fun for my own only~

Oh no!!! What should I do, if the end result is a trip to overseas?! I'm undecided though I'm interested...... parents wouldn't actually allow me to go so far away from home without any familiar and trusted people around. Hahaha...conservative thinking, I shall say~

Gotta depends on faith... Friends, do choose a cheaper and nearer area for holidays?! I want to join you guys too. Melaka or Penang or KL or Kota Kinabalu or from Penang to Melaka to KL...anything...I don't mind. At least, I can still budget a little bit!

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