Monday, June 27, 2011

Mount Singai (Part 1)

After a long rest, I really felt myself so crazy enough to go for hiking. Yesterday, I'm having the most terrible and exhausted day I have ever had.

One of my cousin had actually invited me for hiking at Mt. Singai. It sounded interesting though. But, after yesterday's experience, I really doubt about that. It was a good experience, especially to those who enjoy adventure. Well, I'm the kind who is more suitable to shopping alike activity. This type really just so not me, though I like it.

Early in the morning, we went to have breakfast and at the same time meet up with my cousin's friends. Unfortunately, mostly are from my old secondary school seniors. Unbelievable haa......I also don't believe that either. Out of ten, there were five. One of them were my ex-classmate's sister. That was really too extreme. Another one, ex-teacher's daughter. Wow, seriously LOL!!! I was so shock as they know me. They said I look familiar. I thought I always so low profile during secondary session hmm...?!

Hahaas...anyway, we then continue our motive of the day after they finished their breakfast. Here's what we were going through at the beginning - staircases. Hell yeah!!! There were uncountable staircases before you can reach the church. How many station was that to reach?! I also miscount~ All I knew was I'm so tired already by the time I reach station No.11. On the way, I've stop for a few times. Lousy...yeah, I admit that!!!

Whenever I compared myself to those who carried cement and bricks, I really thought that I was way to lousy. I really wanted to cover my face up for that~ How lousy am I?! I guess no other words to describe me anymore......I can't even compete with those old fellow there. They were so energetic enough to walk all the way up to the church. Some of them walk even faster than me. How shame am I!!!

On the way up, we took some nice view along the side. I saw some weird shape forming from the tree. It was a shape of a dinosaur's head. How funny was that to see such a thing now?! Maybe I'm just to excited about the nature but not hiking, that's why~

By the time I reached the church, I started to doubt if I can continue my journey to the top of the mountain...... I really thought about it seriously! Finally, I'm motivated to continue. I was bath in sweat by then.

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