Monday, June 27, 2011

Mount Singai (Part 2)

After a small rest at the church there, we continued our journey towards the peak of Mt. Singai. Well, they walked really fast. Now, I regret for choosing to follow them towards the peak.

Along the way, there were lots of roots from the tree. It eventually helped me to walk better. As you know, hiking is not an easy thing to do, especially when there were a lot of climbing that you'll need to do. Some of the place, we even have to use ropes to get ourselves up to the peak.

These were a nice experience for me. I never have had these kind of experience before. Though I'm not so energetic enough to finish the distance to the peak, I'm still satisfied for joining the hiking. At least, I've tried the hardship and got my experience.

They really walked too fast. I can't cope with their speed. They rest once, I need twice. I could hardly breath properly......With all those bumpy and rocky route, I end up discard my decision at the beginning. I decided to stop at about one third of the mountain. Maybe next time I can improve myself by climbing to two third of the mountain and finally the peak of the mountain~

I doubt if I still have any spare time going to Mt. Singai again in the coming time?!

At first, I thought of waiting for them to come down. But then, I decided to try my way down the mountain. I walked and walked and walked. Ohh...quite easy to get down anyway!!! I really should have climb higher at first.

Well, I told myself "Never mind. There's always next time. I shouldn't have push myself so hard for the first time. After all, I haven't been doing any exercise all these year." So, I walk all the way down. At the same time, I enjoy the environment and the fresh air there. There were some birds chirping too. I could even feel the wind blowing softly and the leaf moving gently as being blew by the wind.

Honestly, I almost got lost some where at the fork road as I was too focus on climbing the mountain and follow up the team at first. Luckily, I figure out the road. Finally, I reached the church again. I waited for them there and took some nice photo. Some of them also gave up at about two third to the peak and they also got lost some where. Huh..luckily every one was alright!!!

All I could say now is, it took hours to reach the peak, but less than an hour to reach the car park. They even have some fresh coconut drinks before reaching the car park.

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