Monday, June 20, 2011

plAnNinG - deCisiON maKiNg - pRoCeeD is all about planning - decision making - proceed. I believe these are the process that couldn't be missed out day to day, month to month, or even year to year......

Human live in a world of planning, deciding and proceeding some plan, project and life as well. There is always some time, some place, some situation where all these planning, deciding and proceeding things come into existence. Life is full of choices!!!

What did you choose for yourself?! Well, everyone gotta choose something at least. I wouldn't believe one did not actually make any choices in life, never ever is impossible here~ At the age of mine now, I've made hundreds of choices......

Everyone got their chance to plan and decide. It's just doesn't matter whether it's right or wrong. Most importantly, you got what you want the most. You know what would be the best for your future or at the point of time when you are making your plan and decision.

I shall say, no regret for what you've made in life. It's part of the process in life. So, why not work it out and enjoy it?! The road not taken might not be the best in life. All you gotta do is just believe in your instinct, stick to your first choice. When you faces trouble, work that out!

Oh, come on!!! Life wouldn't be full of happiness always. Life is make up of different flavour. That's what we called the "Flavour of Life". When you are happy, your life's sweet. If you are depressed, your life's bitter.

Everything has it own value, and the value would always be different, so do life. It couldn't be perfect all the time!!! All we gotta do is to believe on our choices, be loyal to it. What's the point for blaming ourselves with all the trouble we faced on the route we had chosen?! There's no use, buddy~ Not at all......

It's hard to decide because it's harder to plan how on earth would one be able to proceed?! I don't know...all I know is we do what we suppose to do. That's it!!! What's waiting for us in the future should be an expectation but not something to be bothered with now~ 

Too much bothering attitude would never get things done, though. Well, I guess that's why people regretting what they have done. For me, what is done, is done! We can't change the truth. All we gotta do is to alter it or maybe do some changes in the next cross road?! But, remember not to regret what you've done. There's no point at all!!! You can't change the past.

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