Thursday, July 28, 2011

bAd peRsoNaLiTy

I was very happy, but not until something came up~ Okay, fine!!! Sometimes, I just don't understand certain people. I really don't know what are they thinking about?! Guess that people don't actually realise the bad habit that they are having unless someone actually point it out. Who on earth would be so busy body?! No one, of course......

You know what, there' some kind of person that can actually irritate you a lot if you can't handle it properly. The worst thing is that that person didn't find he himself irritating people. You want to why?! I'll tell you why. 

This kind of person can never accept advice from others. Only he himself can get people into hot water, but not he himself. This particular one always thought he is the best of all, clever, smart and everything he can do by himself~

In fact, he's as lazy as a pig, as grumpy as an old lady, as irritating as a bug and as lousy as a crap!!! Thought that he's clever so what?! Clever is not your daily food man...come on! How on earth are you going to feed on clever?! Oh my....I pity him!!!

Whatever~ I just so dislike this kind of people. Don't ever let me meet same kind of personality again some day out there......I can't guarantee I won't beat him up!!!

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