Wednesday, July 6, 2011


I don't know why...but I can tell that I'm getting bored with the static life I'm having now. I used to be very enjoy, and in fact, I've always been hoping for these easy-going life.

It's something good to have, especially after a long, long tiring and busy semester schedule. Nevertheless, I think I'm going crazy staying at home, facing the comp almost every day besides weekends! I enjoy watching movie and dramas, but I just so hate the stagnant way of living. I feel like I'm wasting my time~

Do you understand the feeling of boredom I'm having?! I've been fighting and chasing after time all these while. For me, time is money. It's almost everything in my life! Without the present of time, there's not much thing I could do. If, if I don't have time, what else could I do?! I can't even sit back and relax at home now.

I just don't understand what should I go for next......Honestly, I'm stuck in the middle of a crossroad now. It's just so hard to decide and make up my mind. I can't even see what's my future!!! What's waiting for me in the future?! I'm too curious to know, but I'm reluctant to choose. I'm afraid that the path that I'm traveling now is not what I really wanted, or, may be not what I've been planning all these while~

Things could have change. I know, and I understand. Though I don't know why, but I could strongly feel that I'm not sure with my own path. When things come to a little change, there comes my doubt. I live with my doubts, I guess!!! I've never get to settle my doubts before moving on......

Life......~ It's always that hard to figure out!!!

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