Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Counting towards the end of my hols...

Only then I realised that time passes really fast. My holidays almost coming to an end~ Something good, something bad! Good is I can back to my busy life; Bad is I don't like my upside down life... Before it comes to a complete end, I shall keep myself scheduled for meeting some of my friends and colleagues ♥
Eventually, I've been meeting friends lately. A lot of them of course! Nevertheless, I've not met any of my ex-colleagues yet. Guess they should be waiting for the day to meet me~ I think I've not been doing well in this social life. I promised to meet them when I'm free, but I ended up busy with some other meetings and gathering.
Up till today, I've been to gathering with my old secondary friends for about twice already. Yet, I've not even spend my holidays once with my colleagues. They shall blame me for that. I'm guilty!!! Of course, my colleagues won't run away but my friends will. My colleagues would still remain in Kuching after some time, though there's some unpredictable circumstances.
However, one thing I can be very sure is my secondary friends are leaving very very soon. They have priority in my social time table. Anyway, I'm gonna schedule my time for my colleagues anytime soon. This coming Saturday may be?! Provided they all are free...... So, I'm gonna make my query to all of them tomorrow. Hopefully, they all would be available since I don't think I'll be having any free time for the next coming weekends.
Oh well, it's about time for Kuching Festival again! This time, I'm gonna spend it with my friends. My old friends already invited me in advance. Thus, I've no excuse anymore. If they were to go next weekend, then I'll be the one missing from my grandmother's house. Why did I say so?! Well, my far far away cousin is coming back from his graduation next week. I believe most of my close cousins would turn up by then, except me!!! 
Hahaha...what to do??? I can't help either. This would be the last Kuching Festival my friends would be celebrating before their departure to overseas. I can't missed this up though I'm looking forward to see him hugging my little nephew~

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