Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Dream¸. • * ¨ `☆room☆

If I got a choice, I'd like to redesign my bedroom. It's not that I don't like my current bedroom, but I think I'd rather it to be in favour of me. Well, at least I'm not the only one who thought of it. Sometimes a little changes make life happier...

I browsed through the web few days back and I found some interesting idea of decorating my room. Quite impressive though. I enjoyed looking at the room design that it provides me with. There are a few design that I really so into it, but the colour would rather not my taste. I'd prefer dark colour. As what my mother always said:" Lazy people don't use bright colour." Hahaas...in fact, I agree with her. Now, I'm free like hell. Nevertheless, the moment I start my class, everything would be very time consuming for me, what to say to clean my room?!

What style do you wish to have?! I see there are quite a couple of selection. There are easy, complicated, messy, romantic, nature, princess, office, luxury, childhood, holiday, bar and even lounge style. Amusing!!! 
Personally, I'd opt for the easy style. I think a place to rest shall not be too complicated. A room to rest with some entertainment stuff would be great! What kind of entertainment then? Hmm..., entertainment like enhancing books, music and computer (for me to blogging and social networking)~ Other facilities such as a closet, a table and chair, a cupboard to keep my entertainment stuff, and last but not least, a sofa which functions as a bed as well (can save a lot of space). Finally, I would match all these with my favourite colour - plum colour / chocolate colour (any one which is easier)

Of course, it may be very costly for me to change it all at once. Thus, I would start to set a target for myself starting from today. What plan am I up to?! Money saving plan...I'm sure it's hard to save money. However, when there is a target, there is a motivation!!! Oh come on, decorating your own room would be much more fun than wasting money elsewhere~

Don't you think having a room in favour is a meaningful things to do?! It's something that one can be proud of! After all, it's a room for yourself to rest at. Every one deserved to have a preferred kind of room in life~ When there's dream life, there's also a dream room......

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