Tuesday, July 26, 2011

My weekends~

Have been playing crazily with my old friends last weekend. We have had a last minute gathering in the Saturday afternoon. Most importantly, I bought them their long time no meet friend, who is also my best buddy!!! Of course, we all played happily~

I was having the same thinking as my buddy which is "how on earth did my friend get to know so many places to gather?!". We actually get to meet at a place named "Meal Art" at Jalan Song. Overall, I can only said that the place is nice for "lim teh" only. Hahaha...why did I said so?! Well, I tried their food and it's too salty and a bit too much vinegar. I like their drinks though. It's reasonable and the taste just nice, not too sweet.

We had had a nice chatting session over there. We even took some photo there. One of them suggested us to move to another place rather than sitting right there for the rest of the hours. So, we decided to go Hills. Hohoho...funny!!! I've never been there before. We thought of meeting at Station One the next gathering......
At Hills, we played crazily too. We took a lot of photo at Pullman lobby. LOL!!! Guess that's our craziest moment of all... My friends actually thought of all sorts of pattern and style to take a photo. I think the staff there would thought that these group of girls are so crazy. What to do?! They can't chase us out anyway...we are customer!!!  :D

Before we dismissed, we have thought of the next gathering for Kuching Festival! This meeting would be rather difficult a bit. I'd be having my class starting August. Thus, they would be having a hard time to gather all of us on a specific time. All I can think of is on 12th or 13th August. Otherwise, either me or my buddy would be not available! Huh...bad bad~

Anyway, lets hope for the best!!! Hopefully my friend can depart on the 16th. Then, we'd be able to meet up on the 12th or 13th... ^_^

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